Unlocking Life's Simplicity

A Transformational Journey

Ever wished life came with a handy manual or easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial? If you've been grappling with life's challenges and yearning for simplicity, you're not alone.Join Lee Ann Dangelo Coaching in an uplifting journey titled "Unlocking Life's Simplicity," drawing inspiration from Mavis Karn's transformative book, It's That Simple: A User’s Manual for Human Beings.

Explore how to simplify your life

"When’s the last time you felt the way you wish you could feel all the time?" Mavis Karn

This isn't a book club. You won't need to purchase the book, and we won't just discuss it. Instead, over four consecutive Wednesdays starting May 15th, we'll dive into the wisdom of Karn's letters, exploring how to simplify our lives and alleviate unnecessary suffering.Through engaging discussions and real-life examples during these 90-minute Zoom sessions, we will:

  • Examine the way we perceive our thoughts

  • Explore the stories we tell ourselves

  • Tackle mental roadblocks

  • Reevaluate relationships (especially the one with ourselves)

  • Address worries and anxiety

The goals are to:

  • Embrace the power of presence and simplicity

  • Cultivate ease in our everyday lives

invite ease into your daily existence

unlock the power of simplicity

No prior knowledge of the book is required—this course is designed to bring meaning and value to all participants. Plus, with limited spots available, you'll have the opportunity to form strong connections with like-minded individuals on your journey to personal growth.

  • Dates: Four Wednesdays starting May 15th (May 22nd, May 29th, and June 5th)

  • Time: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (EST)

  • Format: Live discussions via Zoom

  • Investment: $136 USD (includes all four live 90-minute Zoom sessions)

  • Class size: Limited to 12 participants for strong connections

  • Sessions will not be recorded, ensuring a safe space

Lee Ann Dangelo

Well-Being Coach

I am a transformational coach specializing in guiding individuals who are committed to personal growth and seeking a path towards alleviating their own suffering. My coaching approach centers on empowering clients to gain insights into their thought processes, enabling them to navigate challenges such as fear, stress, anxiety, and past narratives with greater resilience and clarity.Learn more at Lee Ann Dangelo Coaching.

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